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Letter: Democratic policies have been disastrous

Democratic policies have been disastrous

Let me get this right. The media perceive voters like me as ignorant and uneducated because we don’t agree with the Democratic Party platform. We are supposed to approve of its leftist dogma – ideals like abortion, recreational drug use, euthanasia, open borders, globalization and perverse behaviors of the LBGT community.

We are to “buy in” on the current administration’s policies and perpetuate them. Policies that leave all Americans with a debt that will cost each U.S. citizen more than $60,000 (including the 50 million on public assistance). Only the foolish should be concerned with skyrocketing health insurance costs used to subsidize an entire generation of people.

Some of us actually think that excellence should be encouraged and rewarded. And many believe that our country’s dismal foreign policies and domestic race relations – which are at their lowest in 50 years – are the legacy of weak leadership. Imagine that!

An eight-year promise of change, which resulted in the exodus of jobs and industry out of our nation, is all too evident. But people have “bought in” on one thing: change is necessary.

Mark Roland

Town of Tonawanda

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