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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Aug. 26, 2016.

• Ridge Road, Maryann M. Parker; Thomas E. Parker to Jamie I. Oshea; Michael P. Oshea, $319,900.
• 5248 Shawnee Road, Diana L. Stana; George Stana Jr. to Edward Murry Sr.; Valerie L. Murry, $235,000.
• 5894 Shawnee Road, Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Ted Ackley, $145,999.

• 24mr 5320 Military Road Medical Professional Condo Unit #107, James M. Wopperer to Mount St Mary’s Hospital of Niagara Falls, $405,000.
• Raymond Drive, Jennine M. Berg; Richard A. Berg to Christopher Bonito, $207,450.
• Meadowbrook Drive, Christina R. Mackenzie; David M. Mackenzie to Joshua Burnham; Susan H. Seiwell, $207,000.
• Callan Drive, David Catlin to Genna A. Haseley; David A. Vanoni, $182,000.
• South Seventh St. Townhouse Condominium Unit 4, Colette M. Case; Camille Yandeau to Kathleen A. Forti; Lewis Forti, $169,900.
• Oneida St., Joshua L. Burnham to Lynn C. Ross, $126,000.
• 876 Escarpment Drive, Moira E. Llabres; John F. Sweeney to Dolores V. Adriatico, $125,000.
• Onondaga St., Uncle Buc R Properties to Vincent Gambino, $78,000.
• 929 Creek Road Ext, John Divito; Christa Radulovich to Mark Wing, $64,000.

• East Ave & Vine St., Joseph J. Mahley to Amanda L. Gorko, $99,900.
• &howard Ave., Patricia J. Tracy to Hannah G. Edwards, $95,000.
• Hawley St., Lindsey M. Pasieka; Peter J. Pasieka to Christopher C. Defilippo, $68,900.

• 5699 Transit Road, Wilson Co; Phillip B. Haber to Lockden, $450,000.
• 34amanda Lane, Arthur R. Cain; Tracy A. Cain to Nguyen Andy Thang Q, $275,000.
• Stone Road, Milleville Brothers Partnership to John G. Meloon, $160,000.

• Caledonia St., St Onge Darren W; St Onge Lisa A to Steven J. Venne, $110,000.
• 5587 Ridge Road, Burritt D. Case; Case Justin B D to Fannie Mae, $74,752.

• Robert Drive, Kathleen M. Knotts to Amy E. Guiliani; Guiliani Craig L M, $223,000.
• 6th St., Vincent A. Cancemi Sr.; Vincent J. Cancemi to Housing Visions Consultants, $180,000.
• Point Ave., Thomas Mohring Jr. to Shawna A. Jacobs, $165,000.
• Cayuga Drive, Monica V. Bernad; Joseph J. Charish III; Monica V. Charish to James J. Salhany; Karen L. Salhany, $153,000.
• 75th St., Amy Thomson to Darien D. Scott, $99,500.
• 71st St., Gary F. Laka; Sharon L. Laka to Charlotte M. Quenzel, $93,500.
• 1060 85th St., Dorothy M. Mort; Ronald Mort to Christiana Trust -Tr; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, $90,608.
• 70th St., Edith V. Rogers; Hugh E. Rogers; Paul E. Rogers; Donna M. Stevens to Carolyn Rick, $85,000.
• 90th St., Richard A. Coseglia to Heather Brooks, $80,000.
• 2754 Independence Ave., Carla Marie Scrivani; Lena G. Scrivani to Mark J. Putaski, $79,000.
• South Ave., Geoffrey F. Burns; Marielouise P. Burns to Sean Phillips, $65,000.
• Munson Ave., Cynthia A. Sowa; Thomas G. Sowa to Jason Cignarale, $65,000.
• 751 7th St., Equity Trust Company -Cust; Seaman Ira Kevin to DHGF, $58,500.
• 82nd St., Belinda Jane Merrell; Larry Len Merrell to Tyleen S. Zuppelli, $55,000.
• 4911 Tuscarora Road, Alexander L. Markovitz; Geraldine Markovitz to Soon Hee Kim, $55,000.
• Michigan Ave., Esther D. Runca; John L. Runca to Dominique Arckens, $42,500.
• Bk East Munson Ave., Brenda L. Blazevich to Christopher Cheff; Maria J. Justiana, $40,000.
• 2214 Niagara St., Charles Hinks to Home Collection & Design, $33,000.
• 2217 Independence Ave., Inez Truesdale; Tina M. Truesdale to Inez Truesdale; Thomas Truesdale, $28,750.
• Main St., Malena Joy King; Malena Joy King-Jones to Eric J. Bruno, $28,625.
• Walnut Ave., Moab Ventures to Kirpal Kaur, $25,000.
• 2243 Forest Ave., Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company /att; Specialized Loan Servicing - to German Made, $25,000.
• 8605 Munson Ave., Hip Loans 1 to American Homeowner Preservation Trust; US Bank Trust National Assoc -Tr, $21,979.
• 2227 Pierce Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Christopher James Mercer, $16,000.
• 29 C St., Bronze Creek Title Trust /att; Christiana Trust -Tr/att; Rushmore Loan Management Services - to Dennis Thuman, $15,000.

• Dimatteo Drive, Bonnie L. Miskell; Michael T. Miskell to William P. Lyon; Jessica L. Stewart, $245,000.
• Sweeney St & Colvin Boulevard, Nicholas B. Farrell Jr.; Renee Farrell to Daniel F. Kilmer, $190,000.
• Walck Road, Jennifer A. Qarmout; Rami E. Qarmout to John P. Tomsic; Katie Tomsic, $180,000.
• 747 Castlebar Drive, Corey R. Lewis to Rachel Behnke, $132,000.
• Pioneer Drive, Karen A. Groebe to Matthew S. Swartzwelder; Stephanie M. Swartzwelder, $126,000.
• 797 Meadow Drive, Joseph Lovullo to Elizabeth V. Spack, $116,224.
• 637 Wright Ave., Teresa G. Belbas to Mark Quigley, $100,000.
• 1748 Ruie Road, State of New York Mortgage Agency to Karen Anstey, $85,000.
• Greenwood Circle, Mary Beth Mcgrath; Martha M. Verost to Carmina Silvaroli, $69,062.
• Greenwood Circle, Mary Beth Mcgrath; Marla A. Stolt to Carmina Silvaroli, $60,338.
• 227 Tremont St., Fannie Mae to Charlie Mikolajczyk; Laura Mikolajczyk, $58,232.
• 847 Remington Drive, Quesnell C. C; Christopher Quesnell; Christopher C. Quesnell; Julie Quesnell; Julie A. Quesnell; Julie A. Seaman to Elizabeth J. Burgasser; Jessica J. Hapeman, $55,000.
• 25 Louisa Parkway, James J. Michalski; Mary K. Michalski to James J. Michalski, $39,709.
• 510 Stenzil St., Mtglq /Rushmore Loan Management Services - to Christopher Haney, $27,000.

• Townline Road, Leslie K. Olds to Nicole M. Dudek; Louis J. Schiumo, $150,000.

• Ransomville Road, Christopher Urban; Tracy Urban to Kelly M. Quarantillo; Brian M. Strickland, $111,500.
• Blairville Creek Road, Donald R. Gray to Faye Donovan; Kevin Udut, $33,000.
• Blairville Creek Road, Donna V. Gray to Faye Donovan; Kevin Udut, $12,000.

• bulmore Road, Linda L. Miller; Stanley A. Miller to Ted Dunham, $500,000.
• 5146 Griswold St., Paul Doucette to Barbara H. Pease; Christopher M. Pease, $19,500.

• 2182 River Road, Jane E. Carroll; William A. Carroll to Dana R. Durkee; Thomas E. Mohring Jr., $450,000.
• 3662 Brandywine Road, Gmd Development to Francis W. Hoffman Jr.; Patricia E. Hoffman, $353,000.
• Walmore Road, Jamie I. Oshea; Michael P. Oshea Sr. to Lynda M. Antonacci; Michael P. Orsi Jr., $225,000.
• Deidre Court, Dennis M. Mcdonell; Mary Jo Mcdonell to Ryan T. Coyne; Victoria Q. Coyne, $195,000.
• Samantha Court, Anthony J. Tavano; Kim A. Tavano to Inderjit Kaur; Sukhwinder Singh, $190,000.
• 2980 Krueger Road, Barbara J. Powell; Gary K. Powell to Corey R. Lewis; Rachael R. Lewis, $180,000.
• 7124 Witmer Road, Lynda Antonacci to Gregory Trane, $139,900.
• Ward Road, Thomas J. Warning Jr. to Aaron J. Atkinson; Jennifer K. Peterson, $121,000.
• 2944 Krueger Road, Daniel W. Kogo Sr.; Nancy M. Kogo to Derek M. Lowden, $77,500.
• Hoover Road, Donna M. Pasquale; Ronald R. Pasquale to Dwayne C. Stahlbaum; Kathy S. Stahlbaum, $19,000.

• Wilson Burt Road, Melanie S. Wakefield to Lauren N. Martin; Thomas P. Maxwell, $215,000.
• East Galewood Drive, Dorothy A. Cerutti; Paul F. Cerutti to Adrienne R. Faery; Louis J. Faery, $180,800.
• Town Line Road, Jonathan Schearer to Michael T. Taylor, $123,000.
• 3678 Wilson-cambria Road, Samuel J. Dagostino to Caroline E. Bannach, $120,500.
• 3289 Youngstown Lockport Road, Bronze Creek Title Trust /att; Christiana Trust -Tr/att; Rushmore Loan Management - to Thomas Ryan, $48,000.


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