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Vic Carucci's Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. Dallas Cowboys. Now that Tony Romo gave his concession speech, everyone on America’s Team can breathe a little easier. (2)


  1. New England Patriots. Loss to Seattle should be wiped away by the expected throttling of the 49ers. (1)


  1. Oakland Raiders. With tremendous support across the border, they’re expecting their trip to Mexico City to feel like a home game. (3)


  1. Seattle Seahawks. Kam Chancellor’s return makes their secondary even more foreboding for opposing receivers. (6)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs. Marcus Peters and Eric Berry should spell danger for Jameis Winston. (5)


  1. Arizona Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t won a football game in his native Minnesota since high school. (7)


  1. Atlanta Falcons. Vic Beasley’s sack surge has put some teeth into the Falcons’ pass rush. (4)


  1. New York Giants. They should make it five in a row vs. hapless Bears. (8)


  1. Detroit Lions. Taking better care of the football has helped these guys tremendously. (9)


  1. Miami Dolphins. Injuries are beginning to strike again on the offensive line. (10)


  1. Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis has doubts about the passion of his former teammate, Joe Flacco. (11)


  1. Denver Broncos. They caught a break from the officials and now are one of three AFC West teams with seven wins. (12)


  1. Washington Redskins. Will their not-ready-for-prime-time history continue to be a problem? (13)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz could be in for a long day vs. Seahawks’ defense. (17)


  1. Green Bay Packers. Someone’s going to pay for the continued meltdown, and it won’t be Aaron Rodgers. (15)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers. This team’s a huge disappointment … but then it gets to feel better about itself in Cleveland. (16)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals. Amazingly, with only three wins, they’re still in the hunt to win their division. (14)


  1. Minnesota Vikings. O-line shuffle continues. (18)


  1. San Diego Chargers. Heading for another season of irrelevance at the bye. (19)


  1. Houston Texans. These guys might want to figure out a way to get a pass or two into DeAndre Hopkins’ hands. (20)


  1. Buffalo Bills. A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert aren’t exactly the best cure for what ails the secondary. (21)


  1. Carolina Panthers. Seeing Luke Kuechly crying after a concussion was hard to watch. (22)


  1. New Orleans Saints. Special-teams disasters keep killing this team. (23)


  1. Indianapolis Colts. Buckle your chinstraps, guys, because it’s going to get very physical vs. Titans. (24)


  1. Tennessee Titans. DeMarco Murray headed for 1,000 rushing yards in great comeback season. (25)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston shows impressive improvisational skills. (26)


  1. Los Angeles Rams. Finally, we get to see Jared Goff do something other than stand on the sidelines. (27)


  1. Chicago Bears. Just a sad bunch in every possible way. (28)


  1. New York Jets. See above. (29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars. See above. (30)


  1. San Francisco 49ers. Things figure to only get much worse vs. the Patriots. (31)


32. Cleveland Browns. Per the comments of the man in charge of football operations, when exactly have they been “focused on wins and losses?” (32)

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