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Letter: Refusing to vote dishonors all who fought for freedom

Refusing to vote dishonors all who fought for freedom

On Nov. 8, 43 percent of registered voters chose not to vote. Three days later, our nation paused to honor those who sacrificed to preserve our freedom to vote. Shame on the 43 percent who belittled that sacrifice by staying away from the polls.

The most often used reason was, “I didn’t like either presidential candidate.” Then vote for a third-party candidate, write in someone else’s name or just leave that box blank! In most states, there were other items on the ballot to decide, like referendums, congressional races and state and local races. Getting to the polls was no excuse either. Depending on the state, there was early voting, free rides to polling sites and absentee ballots were available to any citizen.

During World War II, the United States came perilously close to losing both the war and the franchise. However, both were saved by the persistence and courage of the Greatest Generation. The sacrifices of all our veterans during that war and all prior and subsequent wars have helped maintain our many freedoms. If we are truly sincere in showing our gratitude and honor toward them, then there can be no more unjustifiable excuses. Vote!

Kathleen M. Janish


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