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Letter: Many supported Trump for common-sense views

Many supported Trump for common-sense views

I am a registered Democrat who voted for Donald Trump. I guess that makes me a xenophobe, because I believe that sanctuary cities should not exist if they harbor and release undocumented immigrants with felony convictions. If officials had contacted immigration authorities, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez would be in federal prison and Kate Steinle would be alive.

I guess I am a racist, because Black Lives Matter lost all credibility with me when it allowed marchers to carry signs and chant phrases encouraging the killing of cops.

I guess I am a sexist, because I was offended by the strategy of the Democratic National Committee to elect Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and because it was her turn.

I guess I am a homophobe, because I find it difficult to believe that we cannot solve the transgender bathroom issue without infringing on the rights of 99.4 percent of the population, especially our children.

I must lack diversity, because it confuses me when our so-called diverse universities allow only speakers who share their “diverse” opinions. These same universities cave to student demands of removing names from buildings if the students find them offensive.

I know I am not politically correct, because I use the term radical Islamic terrorist. I also prefer Halloween to Dress-up Day, and Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day. I even still say Merry Christmas.

I am from the generation where we lost a beloved president, in the most violent of ways. We were numb with disbelief and cried for days. This is an election result, not a death. Take a breath.

JoAnn Hess


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