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Letter: Let’s hope Trump can be a leader for all Americans

Let’s hope Trump can be a leader for all Americans

Let me take a moment to congratulate Donald Trump and his team for beating all the odds and expectations, and winning the most important seat in Washington. Being a proud American Muslim who was born outside of the United States, I had my reservations, and thus did not vote for him. But he won the election fair and square and he will be our next leader.

My faith teaches me to be loyal to the nation and be obedient to the leadership, even if I personally do not agree with its politics. So I will not protest his election. But I will pray for him. May God give him the wisdom to be fair and just, as he promised in his victory speech. May God strengthen his hand if he is willing to treat all citizens, of the world in general and of America in particular, equally. I am hoping against hope that the rhetoric he preached during the campaign was just a tactic for him to get elected. As an Ahmadi Muslim, I am praying that he will not build the wall, ask for a Muslim ban or do anything else to alienate the rest of the world.

Holy Prophet Muhammad said: “The best leader is the best servant.” May Trump become the best leader, beating all the expectations.

Anas Mangla

Niagara Falls

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