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Letter: Cuomo’s clean energy plan will mitigate climate change

Cuomo’s clean energy plan will mitigate climate change

The Another Voice by Phil Kerpen critiques Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to require 50 percent of New York’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources like solar and wind by 2030. However, Kerpen never mentions the main goal of the proposal, which is to mitigate climate change.

Climate change can be ignored in a critique, but to do so is perilous. If we do nothing to minimize it, sea levels will rise, millions in coastal cities the world over will be displaced with resulting societal upheavals and severe weather events will become commonplace. The costs of runaway climate change will be measured in untold multiples of the projected $3.4 billion cost of the proposed New York clean energy program.

For the sake of our children and their descendents, proposals such as Cuomo’s should be supported.

Richard Swank


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