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Letter: Country must unify after divisive election

Country must unify after divisive election

After the “surprise” Donald Trump victory for president, many people protested the final result. While these people have a right to protest, it would be better for them to unify the country.

One of the biggest criticisms is that Hillary Clinton was the winner of the popular vote. This is true, but irrelevant – we elect presidents through the Electoral College. If people want that changed that may happen in the future, but the results of this election are unchangeable.

President Obama and Clinton both deserve credit for their statements saying that the country must unify around Trump. They wanted a different outcome, but they respect the final results. Trump has begun to do his part, by being courteous to Clinton in his victory speech. He should work with Democrats on key issues, if possible, to lead the unification process.

At the end of the day, Trump will be our next president. Regardless of how you feel about him, he deserves a fair shot to lay out his agenda and begin his term, just like all other presidents. If people do not like what he has done, they will vote him out in four years, and the democratic process will prevail again.

Steven Quinlivan


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