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What They Said: Buffalo Bills transcripts of Rex & coordinators from Thursday

HC Rex Ryan

Opening Statement: Alright guys, Cardale Jones never practiced today. That was illness, non-injury related. Corbin Bryant was still out with a shoulder. And then these players were limited: Jerry Hughes, hand, Walter Powell hip, Robert Woods foot, and Marcell Dareus groin. (Brandon) Tate was full go today and that’s a concussion. All right so fire away.

Q: Coach just to be clear, Tate is out of the concussion protocol now?
A: Yes.

Q: It seems Groy has taken his job. Have any other battles shaken out yet?
A: We’re still working a lot of guys but Ryan has been getting the majority of the reps there.

Q: What is your thought on possibly having Marcell Dareus for Sunday?
A: Yeah, I’m hoping. Yeah I mean barring anything, it definitely looks pretty good.

Q: Limited could mean a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s very limited and other times he could do a lot. What’s been Marcell’s workload so far?
A: No, he’s been good. He’s been getting a lot of reps.

Q: How have you seen Ronald Darby respond to the competition?
A: He had a couple days, yesterday in particular, is as good a day as he’s had probably since I’ve been here so, you know, that’s encouraging.

Q: It looked like he lined up again with the first unit. So when you say open competition, are you still rotating guys in? Is there anything set there?
A: No, we’re bringing in a lot of different—we’re playing a lot of different guys, and we’ll start the game with what we think gives us the best shot to win and that’s how we’ll go.

Q: The deadline on Marcus Easley and Kolby Listenbee is Monday. Where do you stand on those two guys?
A: You know, haven’t really had a lot of conversations with our trainers about them but I would say I don’t feel good about it.

Q: How about the slot corner when you talked about Kevon Seymour playing? Was that something that was maybe more gameplan specific because they have a taller receiving core that likes to be vertical?
A: Absolutely. And you know, (Nickell) Robey-Coleman is doing a great job for us, but sometimes that size advantage is, you know, weighs in their favor. Like obviously when we got caught against (Rob) Gronkowski or whatever, and that’s not his fault. But that’s—we’ve got to match up better there.

Q: What are your thoughts on Cyrus Kouandjio getting American citizenship?
A: Oh, I think it’s awesome. I mean it’s great. I know he was really happy about it and I know it’s quite a process but I know he was really, really excited.

OC Anthony Lynn

Q: Last Monday, it looked like the passing game took a step forward, but what did you see in Tyrod Taylor’s growth and the passing game as a whole? You guys threw the ball 39 times.

A: Yeah. You know, we completed some passes. We had Robert Woods back. He was probably about 90 percent. That helped. You know he caught a few balls for us, made some plays. But like I’ve said, I evaluate Tyrod every single week on where the ball’s going and he threw it to the right places and the guys made plays, and to me, that was the difference.

Q: What’s the biggest adjustment you have to make with a new center in the lineup?
A: You know, we have to be careful with our communication. Eric Wood had a lot of reps. He’s very smart. He knows this offense inside and out, protection scheme. And it’s not that (Ryan) Groy doesn’t know, but he doesn’t have the same reps as Eric. So you know we has some quick calls in and things where we can go up and get the balls snapped and out. We’ll block protection that way, just slide the line.

Q: How will Percy Harvin’s role expand going forward?
A: Well he’s going to get some opportunities. He’s probably going to start and, you know, he’ll start but he’ll probably be in a limited role because you just can’t sit out a year and come back and jump in in two weeks. And you know, I think he saw that last week. But he’s doing some good things in practice. Looking forward to seeing him make some plays.

Q: How challenging has it been for you putting backups into your scheme?
A: It’s hard to call the numbers for us…get them on the football field. You know Justin Hunter is still showing me things every single week. You know he caught a ball down the field today, went up and high pointed it really good, so now he makes me want to throw it to him down the field. But that’s the first time I’ve seen that. So it makes it somewhat difficult but I think they’re doing a good job. You know, they’ve done the things I’ve asked them to do and they just want to continue to get better.

Q: You’ve done a pretty good job against the elite defensive linemen the last two years. Does Geno Atkins compare to anyone you’ve faced? What makes him so special?
A: Geno has been special for a long time. He’s one of the top three 3-techniques in this game, in my opinion. So you definitely have to pay him some attention. He can wreck a game for you. But we’ll treat him like we treat every other dominant 3-technique. We saw the young man with the Rams (Aaron Donald), you know, Geno kind of reminds me of him with his athletic ability and his pass rush ability for an interior lineman. So you know, we will keep our eyes on him in protection, and trust me, we won’t let him wreck the game hopefully.

Q: This is the most healthy that this offense has been in a long time. Does that allow you to kind of expand the playbook?
A: You know, I think we still have to get healthy at receiver, and that may make a difference as far as our passing opportunities.

Q: What helped Robert Woods break out for the game he had last Monday night?
A: You know, we looked at their coverages and how their corners plays and we felt like we could take advantage of the underneath coverage. You know tall physical guys but don’t necessarily transition well at the top of routes, and Robert is very good at the top of his routes so it just worked to his advantage.

Q: Do you think he’ll play more in the slot moving forward?
A: Well he’s our slot receiver right now. When we go three wide, Robert will be in the slot.

Q: What are the advantages for putting him there?
A: Well his feel. His feel for the game, his change of direction inside. We like the matchup that he presents.

Q: When you talked about getting healthy at receiver, were you referring to Sammy Watkins?
A: No. No, Sammy’s still getting well and you know, I’m just talking about having Percy for two weeks, having Robert Woods practice today. First time he’s practiced in about a month on a Thursday so just guys like that coming back.

Q: Mike Gillislee got some touches with LeSean McCoy healthy. Is that something you’d like to see going forward, especially to keep the wear and tear off of LeSean?
A: Oh, absolutely. I have full confidence in Mike. You know LeSean last week was coming off of not playing for two weeks, so his conditioning wasn’t there. It’ll be a little better this week. But you know, there’s only one football. So I would love for all those guys to touch the ball but LeSean is definitely our number one and Mike will come in when it’s time.

Q: How has Seantrel Henderson really taken to the open competition at right tackle?
A: I love the way he’s prepared this week. You know, he’s looked good in practice. He’s studying, he’s putting the work in, and he’s going to get an opportunity to go in the game and play this week, and we’ll see what happens. But it’s been a good competition all week. Those guys are both—Jordan Mills, you know, he’s one of the most professional guys on that offensive line. So he’s getting it done but we just feel like we want to look at some other people at that position. (Cyrus) Kouandjio is also in the mix, and we’ll see in the game who plays the best.

Q: So would it be fair to say that all three will play?
A: That would be very fair.

Q: How close is Seantrel to where he was a year ago?
A: Athletic wise, he’s right there. You know, his weight’s at 310. He played last year at 340. So he’s still not the size he was last year, and that’s a little bit of a concern because you know, sometimes he looks like a little man playing in a big man’s body. But he is busting his tail to get back. He’s trying to get his weight back up. He was 306 last week so he’s on track, and I’m just looking forward to getting him out on the field and seeing him play again.

Q: Do you know which of the three will start on Sunday?
A: Not yet. We’ll make that decision at some point tomorrow.

Q: Is there still a plan to rotate them if the starter plays well?
A: It doesn’t matter if I’m playing running backs or tackles or receivers. The hot man stays in.

Q: Why hasn’t Charles Clay been a bigger part of the offense?
A: Well like I said, there’s only one football. We’re trying to spread it to everybody and Charles is definitely a good receiver and if you watch the tape, he was open a few times last week. But unfortunately at times, the protection didn’t hold up. And so that happens.

Q: Is he running in an area of the field or is Tyrod not seeing him open?
A: No I mean he ran a deep over last week, would’ve scored a touchdown on it if we would’ve held up in protection. That’s the same deep over he caught two weeks ago three times so, you know, it’s timing and you get in certain games and get in certain matchups and last week it was Robert Woods. It was going to be his game because we love that matchup.

Q: There was a report yesterday that Tyrod is dealing with a groin injury. What’s the deal with that?
A: That’s the first I heard of it was yesterday (in the report). I think anybody who can watch the tape and watch him on the run can think he had a groin injury, I don’t know what you’re looking at.

DC Dennis Thurman

Q: In terms of length at the cornerback position, Corey White is certainly a longer player than Ronald Darby and Kevon Seymour is a longer player than Nickell Robey-Coleman. Can you speak to the advantages that length gives you, especially on deep balls.
A: I don’t know. I wasn’t very tall either. So it’s about playing the ball. If you can play the ball, you can play the ball. You know, no one wants to give up the long ball. It’s one of the cardinal sins of playing back there. So it’s about understanding what your job is, using proper technique, and playing the ball when it’s in the air.

Q: Coach talked about that teams are playing you differently this year, and the technique has to adjust as a result. Can you walk through the process of how you coach that up and make the guys aware of that?
A: There’s nothing new. There’s no secret about playing the deep ball. I mean, yeah, today’s game you’re playing against some guys that are built like you know, small forwards from the past. I mean they’re big and they have talent and they have a long catch radius. But if you understand your catch radius, if you understand your technique and you understand how to play it, then you’ve got to get down the field, locate your man, locate the ball, because the quarterback is throwing the ball to who? He’s throwing it to his receiver right? Ok, you can’t have separation between you and the receiver. If you do, you’re in trouble because now he’ll just go over the top of you and take the football. So it’s one of those things where you have to understand, I know exactly 40 and 5. 40 yards down the field, 5 yards from the sideline. That’s where they’re aiming to throw the ball, anywhere in between there. You know that, you understand it, you’ve got to make a play within that.

Q: When you’re in those jump ball situations, is the number one thing to jump first?
A: Nope. Body on body. Move him off the ball.

Q: How have you see Ronald Darby respond to the competition?
A: He’s responded well. You know, that’s what it’s all about. Everybody has a job to do. You’ve got to go out there and do your job. I mean to have competition is a good thing. You know, in this league, you don’t ever want to ever get comfortable. If you get comfortable, somebody’s looking to take your job. When you get comfortable, it’s not a good thing.

Q: Does Kevon Seymour fit as a slot guy or is he really across the board?
A: He’s across the board. He’s a talented young man. And he’s played well for us when we’ve given him opportunities. So it’s just another opportunity that he’s getting.

Q: What about assimilating coach, Sergio Brown, and James Ihedigbo, the safety position this past couple of weeks. How have they been on the uptick here?
A: Well I mean first thing’s first, losing Aaron (Williams) hurt obviously. So we’ve been searching for the right combination of guys and those guys are working hard. They’re studying, they understand what we want to get done back there, so we’re going to give them an opportunity.

Courtesy of the Buffalo Bills

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