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Letter: Vote sends clear message about bigotry and bullying

Vote sends clear message about bigotry and bullying

I love these nationwide student protests! For too long, young people have been accused of apathy and inaction. Well, it seems that all it takes is the election of a racist, sexist, bigoted, inexperienced bully to bring these young people out in force. We now know that America is not ready for a smart, well-educated, strong woman leader. Even the pope has stamped on women with his statement: “There will be no women priests ever.”

Our kids have been raised to think women and men can be equal in the workplace and that bigotry and bullying are unacceptable, but their parents and grandparents and Republicans missed those messages and they voted.

Donald Trump and the Republicans even pulled the FBI card just before the election. Are there really any people who believe that FBI Director James Comey is not in the pocket of the Republicans? Now we have what some Third World countries have – political unrest – and our newly elected polarizing leaders will keep it going, either because they feed on it or because they can’t figure out how to fix it. We are now the biggest losers.

Leona Rockwood

Lake View

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