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Letter: Trump’s pro-life stance appeals to many voters

Trump’s pro-life stance appeals to many voters

Donald Trump triumphed in spite of the overwhelming media and political attacks against him.

The support of religious and legislative leaders confounded the biased media to the point that they could not offer explanations for his appeal to average voters. Trump’s human faults did not dissuade religious leaders, who understood what was at stake. Trump heard the people who were living in once-thriving cities that were protected by respected police and ethical civic leaders. Citizens are concerned about border security and protecting their constitutional rights, particularly their freedom of speech, freedom to worship freely and their right to bear arms.

Trump won my respect and admiration when he boldly defended the right to life of the unborn at the presidential debate against Hillary Clinton.

He did not have to take the aggravation and constant attacks on himself and his family, but he did because he knew he could afford to carry on a fight that the average citizen was unable to do.

Now the sore losers choose to organize protests to loot and destroy private and public property.

Count me among the Americans grateful to Trump and Mike Pence for their strength in victory.

Mary A. Kless


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