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Letter: Trump shouldn’t repeat mistakes made by Bush

Trump shouldn’t repeat mistakes made by Bush

Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote and will be my president. I hope he doesn’t repeat the disastrous mistakes of his Republican predecessor.

George W. Bush, the last president elected with a minority of the popular vote, made three great mistakes. He based foreign policy on the neoconservatives’ false concepts of how American power should be projected throughout the world. This led us into costly and destabilizing wars.

He accepted the false trickle-down economic propositions that the economy, which was growing nicely as he took office, would be boosted by getting high taxes and overregulation out of the way, and success of the wealthy would trickle down to the rest of us. His tax cuts and deregulation led to our Great Recession, from which we are finally now emerging.

He accepted the false propaganda of climate denial, bringing us eight years closer to the point of no return for devastating and irreversible effects of climate change. If a Great America leads, the world will follow.

For all our sakes, I hope Trump does not make these mistakes. He must be his own man, He must not be guided by the same self-serving voices who misguided Bush.

Peter Ewing

Lake View

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