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Letter: Trump is not the one trying to limit rights

Trump is not the one trying to limit rights

I’m amazed at the number of anti-Donald Trump letters in Everybody’s Column. One misguided contributor wrote that the president-elect should meet “vocal, mobilized opposition” if he tries to roll back our constitutional guarantees to free speech, free press, free worship and equality.

What does the writer think President Obama has been doing for the past eight years? Obama circumvents Congress by signing unconstitutional executive actions. What does the writer think Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been doing? Apparently, totally ignorant about the clearly unconstitutional SAFE Act. The law was passed at night, in secret, behind closed doors and with zero public input. Disarming the law-abiding citizens will solve nothing.

The News shouldn’t have printed Garrison Keillor’s Nov. 13 invective. He states, “uneducated white males elected” Trump. Excuse me? I thought Keillor was educated. Apparently, I was mistaken.

Jan M. Bernas


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