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Letter: Let’s respect one another and try to work together

Let’s respect one another and try to work together

As we all struggle to absorb the results of the recent election and speculate about its impact on ourselves, our community, our nation and the rest of the world, some of us are gleeful and triumphant while others are unhappy and fearful. So, as good citizens, we should strive to be civil and respectful of others’ views as well as considerate of their feelings. Don’t gloat or throw tantrums and don’t descend into violence!

First, remember who we are as Americans: people who have embraced diversity in culture, ethnicity, religion, class, gender and race. We are a composite of people from all over the world and have grown into a country that is synonymous with constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms.

Second, check your facts before sharing any random bit of YouTube video or Twitter content. Don’t pass on unsubstantiated nonsense. Who created the info? Is it a reputable source? Did the statistic you’re quoting come from a research team at a distinguished university or from someone with another agenda or conflict of interest?

Third, be patient and try to work together. Many of us have the same goals: a safe environment to live and work, a viable future for our kids, a comfortable standard of living, not to mention an opportunity to exercise our time and talent in a meaningful way that helps to make the world a better place. There are many paths to achieve those goals. Let’s not be obstructionist merely to prevent some other person/political party/organization from getting credit for accomplishing something beneficial.

Mary Ann Bald


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