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Letter: Let’s all keep open mind and heal the great divide

Let’s all keep open mind and heal the great divide

The presidential results were at a near-perfect division. But there’s more to the story. This campaign has broken up friendships and families. The media (including the “we’re-not-the-mainstream-media”) and the internet are tools in the division and we unwittingly use them every day. Media outlets choose a side and then define the other side. It’s us versus them. Just listen! This is the seed of division.

For example, while listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio many years ago, it was clear: If listeners didn’t agree with all of what he said, they were liberals, leaving no other option and only two boxes. Further division is created when voters stick to one media source day after day. One news item is blown up and stretched forever, giving rise to issue robots that further their cause and ratings.

The internet also is complicit in the division and very adept at providing results that one subconsciously wants to find. Pages are served based on prior tendencies, pulling one further down the chosen road. Searching the internet for product information is closely followed by an advertisement for that product. It’s automatically trying to sell you what you want to buy, and the same is true with information. Words poorly used in a search may guarantee you are taken to a site expressly designed to give you misinformation.

President-elect Donald Trump appears to be listening quite a bit more lately, and we would do well to open our minds and listen more, too. The divide is perfect, but we should not get conquered by ourselves.

John Coddington


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