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Letter: Give Trump a chance; he might surprise you

Give Trump a chance; he might surprise you

Donald Trump decided to run. He did not have to. He didn’t need a job. He’s wealthy beyond wealthy. He has a beautiful wife. She grew up behind the Iron Curtain and she’s smart, speaks five languages. The vast majority of news people, politicians and talk shows painted him losing in an embarrassing fashion. Almost all of them, to include President Obama, jeered, mocked and ridiculed him, with the president dropping the mic in a skit. Talk about a legacy.

As the night progressed, a percentage of the black vote showed up. The same with Latinos. Then women showed up. The breadbasket of America showed up in droves. I stayed up to watch the election. The news people, pundits and the like were melting in front of me. Everything they predicted blew up in a mushroom cloud. They had nowhere to run. They’re still making excuses and striking fear that minorities will be hurt.

People, he’s inclusive in business. All races and minorities. He gets it. He pays men and women equally. There’s no reason to think he won’t do the same as president. Give him a chance. He very well may prove all of them wrong again.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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