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Letter: Clinton inspired women to follow their dreams

Clinton inspired women to follow their dreams

It is my hope that the children of our state and nation are learning the rich, yet tortured, history of our beloved country. About the many brave men who fought for our democracy. But also about the amazing women from New York who struggled to bring the rights of American citizenship to women across the United States. Women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Harriet Tubman. These women believed passionately that America could be better. They put themselves in jeopardy to fight for the freedom to make responsible choices as full citizens. Many of the freedoms they fought for were never realized in their lifetimes. However, we know that they did not fail us.

Now, our children have another woman to learn about and celebrate. Her name is Hillary Clinton. Early in life, she worked to make sure children from all backgrounds were afforded a good education. I hope our children learn how she tried to make sure health care was always available for them. She overcame many obstacles this year to win more votes for president than her opponent. Yet, due to election rules, she was not able to become our first female president.

It is my hope that Clinton knows in her heart that she did not fail us. That, along with our votes, she won our respect and admiration. She will serve as a guiding light for many women. I hope her name and her struggle will inspire our children, especially our daughters, to always follow their dreams.

Gail “Murphy” Hall


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