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Letter: Americans must stop spreading anger, hate

Americans must stop spreading anger, hate

“Two, four, six, eight; stop the anger, stop the hate” was chanted by thousands of protesters post-election. A young Muslim woman had her burka ripped from her head while the attacker yelled that Donald Trump is president now, you can’t wear that anymore.

How did hate take over the election? I’d like to think that Trump’s idea of “making America great again” was inclusive, but I would dare to speculate that his rural voters are not thinking inclusive.

From the start, the media covered every outrageous word spoken by Trump. Words of racism and sexism flooded the news. The population expected this to kill Trump’s campaign. Instead, he received billions of dollars in free advertising. Worse, the effect on the public’s psyche made it OK to speak abhorrent, negative words. Many people lost sense of decency and respect.

“Your spoken language doesn’t merely reflect your belief system; your words form your belief system,” said Lisa Earle McLeod in a recent column in The News. As her father described it, “First you stop telling racial jokes, then you stop laughing at racial jokes, then you get to the point where you are offended by racial jokes. Finally, you speak up against racism.”

Let us hope and pray for the “United” States of America, that the president-elect speaks in words that form a belief system of decency and respect. Let us hope and pray that all Americans follow suit.

Nancy Whelan

Orchard Park

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