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Gwen Ifill's death leaves Pete Williams of NBC shaken

I was on an airplane watching MSNBC Monday when Pete Williams had difficulty staying composed talking about the death of his broadcasting friend, Gwen Ifill.

He was fully composed for his Monday evening report on the “NBC Nightly News” on the beloved broadcaster’s death. On Tuesday, NBC’s “Today” chose to show Williams’ emotional MSNBC report that illustrated the network’s love for its former colleague.

Ifill spent some of her early years living in Buffalo. According to her New York Times obituary, Ifill was recruited by the late Tim Russert in 1994 to cover Capitol Hill for NBC before she moved on to PBS.

Russert’s son, Luke, tweeted this after learning of her death: “I’ll believe that right now @gwenifill and my father are grilling James Madison on the need for the Electoral College in ’16. Love ya Gwen.”


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