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City Hallways (Nov. 17) How Commissioner Degenhart used to handle double parking

All the talk that double parking won't be tolerated when Police Headquarters moves into the former Dillon Court house at Court Street and Niagara Square reminded me of former Police Commissioner Ralph Degenhart.

Degenhart  - commissioner from 1985 to 1992 - hated when police officers double parked on Franklin Street when popping into headquarters to book a prisoner (which is no longer done at headquarters),  file paperwork, or some other short-term duty.

And the thing was, the commissioner's office is on the Franklin Street side of the building, so Degenhart could look out his window and see the police cars illegally doubled parked on the street.

His solution: He assigned officers on restricted duty - those who had department charges pending against them, for example - to Franklin Street ticketing duty. The officer's job was to basically ticket his fellow officers if they double parked - and anyone else who doubled parked on Franklin as well.

Travelling man

After returning from Washington D.C. Monday, Mayor Brown was back in City Hall Tuesday, then Wednesday in Albany, to join the Big 5 mayors and attend the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus.

"I greatly appreciate theinvitation from the Caucus chaiman, Assemblyman Nick Perry and all the members ofthe diverse group of lawmakers," Brown said. "My administration made it a priority to address the needs of the City of Buffalo's increasingly diverse population."

Brown's back in City Hall today.

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