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Letter: Retired teachers seek to improve education

Retired teachers seek to improve education

The New York State Retired Teachers’ Association met from Oct. 26 to 28 for its annual conference. Over 200 delegate members represented 22,000 teacher retirees to vote on topics that affect active as well as retired educators.

The first resolution was to oppose the approval of the 2017 constitutional referendum. Our reasons include the cost of the Constitutional Convention – $138 million or more. Our state budget is already full. Changes in our State Constitution could be completed by the conventional legislative and referendum process currently in place, as we have done for the last 20 years.

The second resolution was to urge the New York State Department of Education to return cursive writing to the elementary curriculum. Cursive writing is like a foreign language to today’s students, who can neither write nor read cursive writing. Imagine, not being able to read anything historical or sign your name after a Regents exam or sign your name for your driver’s license, to name a few. We will have a generation of students who can only print their name.

The third resolution was to support legislation to require all rear-seat passengers 16 years or older to wear seat belts. Our rationale comes from statistics that show back-seat passengers are three times more likely to be killed and eight times more likely to be seriously injured if they are not buckled up.

The last resolution was to seek legislation to repeal the Teacher Regulation Registration for all state educators.

Support the New York State Retired Teachers’ Association as it supports education, strives to improve the quality of our schools and active teachers in the classrooms.

Michelle Claus

Membership Chairman, Western Zone, New York State Retired Teachers’ Association

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