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Letter: Officers ought to realize respect is a two-way street

Officers ought to realize respect is a two-way street

Many police officers have complained about how they are treated and how citizens should give them the utmost respect. Respect comes from so much more than wearing a uniform and badge.

I was involved in a car accident recently. An officer showed up and stormed out of his vehicle, annoyed and irritated. He didn’t take the time to hear out everyone. He wrote a simple exchange of information form and took off, refusing to do anything more, even when money was exchanged for a false witness statement. His selfishness, lack of respect and carelessness led to an error on the forms, which caused a delay in the insurance investigation.

To earn respect, one must respect others. Treat others like you would like to be treated. This isn’t the case with many in law enforcement today. When a person makes a call to request help, that person expects to be treated as a human being. But most of the time that person is treated as something less, like a suspect rather than a victim.

How is the public supposed to treat police officers with respect when they degrade and disrespect the public? Everyone who was involved in the accident was astonished by the behavior of this officer.

Diana Vorobey-Moskalenko

North Tonawanda

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