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4 must-see supermoon sightings in Western New York

What's the big deal about the supermoon?

Well, the full moon was the closest it has ever been to the Earth since 1948 – a phenomenon that you'll have to wait another 18 years for if you missed it Monday night.

Thankfully, we have the Internet, which captured some amazing Western New York supermoon sightings.

Supermoon v1.0

A photo posted by Mike Shriver (@mike.shriver) on

Supermoon v2.0

A photo posted by Mike Shriver (@mike.shriver) on

@richardsonctr #travelbuf #hotelhenry #viewbuffalo #SuperMoon @one.buffalo awesome multiple exposure tonight!!!

A photo posted by Joe Cascio (@panomaniac) on

Of course, if you can't wait another 18 years to catch the supermoon, you can always re-create the experience from home.

If you would like to share your own image of the supermoon, send it to Qina Liu at

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