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Letter: Votes for Trump expressed anger with our government

Votes for Trump expressed anger with our government

Donald Trump won because of the prevailing sentiment that he would lose.

On page one of the Nov. 11 News there was a story titled, “Clinton lost because she failed to reassemble Obama’s coalition.” Hillary Clinton could not have accomplished reassembling the same coalition no matter what she did. She is not African-American and she is not President Obama.

She lost because she didn’t have her own positive statement. Instead she engaged in Trump’s strength – negative ads and statements. She needed to put forth a clear statement of her policies and reinforce them, rather than spending her time, money and energies throwing mud. Those negative actions are Trump’s domain and presented no clear distinctions between the two.

My belief is that many of the people who voted for Trump did not believe he would be elected. It was the hidden vote. They felt safe expressing their anger at our government and the candidates. It was not a vote for Trump, it was believed to be a snub of the current situation.

Since there were no positive ideas or solutions put forth, these voters believed it would be a safe vote against the establishment and there would be no dire consequences because he would lose. Unfortunately, it put him over the top, since these voters resided in such key locales. Please remember, Trump did lose the popular vote.

John Brandenberger


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