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Letter: We must come together to move nation forward

We must come together to move nation forward

I’m still trying to process the election results. Am I surprised? Not really; part of me knew it would happen. Am I happy about the outcome? No, but I wouldn’t have been happy with Hillary Clinton either. I don’t want to dwell on, or wallow in the negative that surrounded the campaign. Instead, I am going to put my faith in the goodness of people.

I am hoping that we as a nation and community can unify, that we can work to erase the social, economic and political inequity we experience. I am hoping that we can look beyond the surface differences; look at and try to understand the underlying core of us as individuals and as a nation, to see the similarities, the shared opinions, beliefs, and concerns. For at our core I know we have more in common than we may presently feel.

To our president-elect, I sincerely hope that the tone he took in his victory speech Wednesday morning becomes his daily tone and that the pledge he made to Americans holds true – to work for us all regardless of race, religion, culture or socioeconomic status. While I didn’t vote for him, I am approaching him with an open mind. I am giving him a clean slate to write his story and, along with Congress, to write the story of America in the next four years.

There is only one direction to go and that’s forward. Let’s move there together.

Joe Foegen


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