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Letter: Morally bankrupt man isn’t worthy of the office

Morally bankrupt man isn’t worthy of the office

It is now several days since the election, and the unpleasant nightmare continues. I’ve cried many tears, and unfortunately vented a lot of my anger against my poor husband, who quite wisely says the democratic process was carried out.

My one question is: Why would so many Americans vote for a man whose behavior is beyond despicable?

How could so many:

Be duped into thinking that this man would represent the average American?

Accept his opinions and treatment of women?

Not care that he wants to cast aside the many hundreds of thousands of immigrants who labor here daily in jobs that others will not do?

Want the health care that is now available to so many Americans to be taken away?

Not be concerned with how will he deal with members of Congress and people who disagree with him?

Not care how he will represent the United States and its interests with other nations?

Have no concern how will he interact with the leaders of other countries?

The list is lengthy. But the bottom line for me is: How could so many Americans think so little of our great country to elect a man with so few socially redeeming qualities?

Neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton had attributes that the American people treasure. Both had baggage and trust issues. How and why did both parties end up with two people who many voters saw as impossible to support? At the end of four years, it will be interesting to see if Trump has upheld all the promises made to those who felt their voices had not been heard.

I am truly ashamed of the choice of this man for president, and for America. I wish moving to Canada, or another country, was actually a realistic or practical option. This is a truly sad day in America. May God bless all of us.

Sally Knox

Niagara Falls

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