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Letter: We must stand together, because divided we fall

We must stand together, because divided we fall

So here we are, as another election passes. Some hang heads in disgrace and sadness, others hold them high with grins broad from ear to ear. America has chosen. This is who will lead us into the future – and we are not united.

Whether you supported the winner or the loser, the next four years to come will be crucial. Whatever happens will happen; it is up to us to stand by one another.

Should the country fail and our leaders fall, whether in shame or madness, we must stand tall. Not for America’s sake or for the sake of Americans, but for the sake of humanity here and now.

We must hold each other up and carry on as one. We must not forsake those who stood by us in our lives. We must move forward as one and rise above this divide. If we do not, we will have truly failed.

I stand by you all, ready to face the coming days. It will be hard, but I will not back down. Now the question is: Will you stand beside me?

James R. Hewitt


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