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Letter: Our political system needs serious reform

Our political system needs serious reform

It’s not over, it’s just starting?

Wow! What a shock. At least I could say I voted for myself as a write-in candidate for president, as I figure I got eight votes. I only campaigned for two days. Not bad.

After all the promises Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made, it’s the people of this great country who have to unite and work to change the rules for elected politicians to abide by. For example:

• Require people to vote on raises for politicians.

• Let computers set the boundaries of districts; no gerrymandering.

• Impose term limits for all elected offices.

• Revoke pensions of lawmakers found guilty of a crime.

• Dock pay of lawmakers who don’t show up for a vote in the House or Senate (call it the Rubio Rule).

These changes should be set up by a group of about 100 people from around the country, selected like a jury. No politicians. Suggestions of changes would be sent in by the people. The panel would evaluate and pick, say, three things that would be voted on each presidential election cycle. Next election, a new group of people would be chosen. After all, the politicians couldn’t be trusted to make any changes that would hurt their cozy setup.

We the people have to get the changes we all know have to be made to set things right! Read the preamble to the Constitution. Be it by referendum or other means, if the politicians will not do the right things, we have to peacefully make the changes by the vote we still have.

David Ruzzine


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