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Letter: If Trump acts on promises we must fight for our rights

If Trump acts on promises, we must fight for our rights

In the immediate aftermath of a presidential election, it is considered good form to set aside partisanship and offer the victor support and encouragement. But this year, the president-elect ran a campaign that violated so many traditions, upended so many norms of good conduct and sowed so much rank anger and divisiveness, I cannot mouth those hollow wishes for his success.

I cannot pretend not to know what kind of president Donald Trump will be, because his demagoguing, race-baiting, hate-mongering, lying campaign has left no doubt.

Those of us who rightly rejected a man wholly unfit for our highest elected office – a majority here in Erie County and most likely nationwide – should instead make plain, here and now, that we will not sit silently and watch our country slide toward authoritarianism.

Let’s waste no time either in delusion or despair and instead issue notice to the president-elect that should he act on his campaign promises to roll back our constitutional guarantees of free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and equality before the law, then he will meet a vocal and mobilized opposition. There is no time to lose.

Gabriel A. Nelson


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