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Hot dog! Sahlen's headed to Florida and other southern states

Floridians, rejoice.

Sahlen's will begin selling its signature smokehouse hot dogs in the sunshine state.

The Howard Street company struck a deal with Florida-based Publix Super Markets to sell Western New York favorites at all 772 of its locations in Florida. The state is widely populated with Western New York transpats and snowbirds.

"There has been a high demand for our hot dogs to expand to the southeast for some time and we are happy to finally be able to welcome a local favorite to more regions," said Mark Battistoni, Sahlen's vice president of sales and marketing.

The hot dogs will be available in the traditional pork and beef formulation as well as a new all-beef version. They will be sold in one-pound packages with a new "Get Grillin'" logo and are expected to be available Friday.

The company will carry the hot dogs chainwide at all 1,131 of its stores. That means the hot dogs will be available in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee as well.

Consumers in North Carolina have already been enjoying Sahlen's since last year, when the hot dogs landed in 60 Harris Teeter stores. Sahlen's said it specifically targeted the Charlotte area, which is home to lots of former Western New Yorkers.

Sahlen's hot dogs also became available in Florida in 2014 when Casa Di Pizza expanded to Bradenton and put them on the menu.


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