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Letter: We would all welcome a shorter election cycle

We would all welcome a shorter election cycle

As this never-ending election finally comes to an end, I see a ray of hope in the message Sheryl Crow offered a few days ago on the never-ending cable news coverage.

She is leading a movement to overhaul the totally ridiculous campaign we’ve all suffered through these last endless months. (I’ve lost count). It could have been over in three or four months. She has started a petition to shorten the presidential election cycle, which will be presented to both major political parties.

As the world had fun at our expense, we had to listen to two of the most unpopular candidates in our history repeat the same jargon day in and day out with the cable news networks fanning the hyperbole day in and day out.

I implore everyone to join this movement and get the populace back into having a say in who really runs our government and get it out of the hands of big business and big money. Whoever our leaders are, they owe that to the citizens. And they owe the world an apology for this latest traveling road show, not to mention the wasted dollars.

Frank Maddock


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