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Letter: Patients should be able to end intense suffering

Patients should be able to end intense suffering

To the letter writer condemning physician-assisted suicide, my question is: Have you ever watched someone you love, a family member or a friend, suffer and slowly die from an incurable disease?

I recently lost a very dear friend who bravely fought a losing battle against cancer. It didn’t seem long after being diagnosed that Kelly gave into using a cane and then a walker. As each of her final weeks passed and as Kelly approached her fourth year of constant trips to Roswell Park for chemotherapy, she was growing ever more tired and getting extremely weak. Imagine having to endure being lifted into a wheelchair because you no longer have an ounce of strength to take even one step.

Kelly knew she was dying and at times would cry about this realization. By the time morphine was administered, my beautiful friend was in extreme pain. To hear her constantly ask a nurse for a “shot or a pill to put me out of misery and end it all” was very heartbreaking.

Kelly was not a religious person, and I ask why should your religious beliefs dictate that Kelly, or anyone else suffering from an incurable disease, should not be allowed the choice of dying with whatever remaining dignity is still intact?

The choice is not yours, it belongs to everyone.

Tina Eagleton

Orchard Park

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