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Letter: Founder of yogurt firm deserves broad support

Founder of yogurt firm deserves broad support

Chobani Yogurt’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, is a Turkish immigrant who has achieved the American Dream and wants to share his good fortune. He recently gave 10 percent of his company to his employees, including those in his New York plant. He has pledged to give the bulk of his fortune to help refugees.

When I first heard about him, I switched to buying Chobani. Now Ulukaya has become a target of right-wing conservatives who are threatening a boycott of the company. Why the hostility? Because he is Kurdish, and he hires Muslims, among others, who have immigrated to the two states in which he has plants.

One thing we must realize is that hatred toward the “other” is being stirred up by comments made by Donald Trump. Groups targeted include Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants and women.

If you are a yogurt eater who does not yet buy Chobani, please consider switching. When any group of people faces discrimination, it is incumbent upon all decent people to stand up and defend those being abused. Doing so is what makes America great.

Judith Fales


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