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WNY native Bozek key in GOP's fight to keep Senate control

If Democrats win five seats in the U.S. Senate, they'll take control of the chamber and New York Sen. Charles Schumer will become majority leader.

Another New Yorker – Williamsville native Andrea Bozek – is a key member of the team whose singular focus is making sure that doesn't happen.

Bozek is communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The NRSC assists Republican Senate candidates around the country with strategy, fundraising and – Bozek's area – messaging.

Bozek and her colleagues in D.C. have spent the last two years gearing for tonight, which for them is the equivalent of playing in the Super Bowl. Their task has been complicated by the deep and constant controversies swirling around Trump's campaign — ones that caused many Republican House and Senate candidates to distance themselves from the GOP nominee.

Contacted by The News just after 9 p.m. Eastern, Bozek was encouraged by wins in Florida and Indiana and eyeing several other close races.

“In an election cycle that has been defined by unpredictable circumstances our strategy was to run Senate races like we are running for sheriff," she said. "Every message was highly targeted and purposefully local. So far tonight, we have had some big wins but are taking nothing for granted. Everything is very close right now.”

Bozek's Twitter feed is updating the race from a GOP perspective:

Bozek, who is married to Republican operative Chris Grant, often commutes home to Buffalo on the weekends. The News spent a day with her in D.C. last fall, which was described in an article about millennials returning to Buffalo.

In that story, she suggested a possible return to Buffalo after this election cycle:

Directly before this, (Bozek) was communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee. That makes her the only person to hold the top communications job for both organizations – a status that, especially if the NRSC is successful in the 2016 election cycle, will position her nicely to open her own consulting firm or accept a private-sector position.

If she does that, she’d like to do it in Western New York.

“The pull to Buffalo is very strong,” said Bozek.


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