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In wealthy Orchard Park, a computer technician likes Trump

Joseph Murray votes in Erie County's wealthiest neighborhood. He voted for Donald Trump, the businessman.

"Trump has more of a feel for what we need economically, so hopefully he'll bring jobs, new business and tax relief," said the 52-year-old computer technician, who lives in the Eagle Heights neighborhood of Orchard Park.

The Orchard Park 5 election district where Murray voted has a median household income of $131,689, the highest in Erie County. Murray said he earns $62,000. It's a neighborhood where Trump should do well. Of the district's 1,196 registered voters, two thirds backed Republican candidates in the last two presidential elections.

A six-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Murray believes it's important to vote, and in this pivotal election, Trump is the person who should be leading the country.

"Hillary Clinton has too much baggage," said the laid-back Murrary. "She is corrupt as the day is long. Career politicians don't really turn me on. I think you should serve your term and go. It should be a service."

Trump's lack of experience in foreign policy matters did not bother Murray.

"Like any other president who comes in generally armed, Trump has very little foreign policy experience," Murray said. "Barack Obama was a community organizer. It's more about the people who surround you."


The Buffalo News is interviewing voters Tuesday in six election districts in Erie County. They include:

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