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In millennial hotbed, student finds Trump mortifying

Claire Maggiotto, 26, voted for Hillary Clinton simply because this third-year medical student finds the behavior of Donald Trump "mortifying."

"I couldn't be an educated female and vote for him," said Maggiotto, who is studying to become a pediatrician at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine. "I'm really voting for the lesser of two evils, I think. I was raised relatively conservative, so Hillary misses the mark on a lot of levels for me."

The Niagara 25 election district, just north of Symphony Circle, is a mecca for millennials. One in every five residents in this voting district is 25 to 29 years old, the highest percentage in Erie County. There are 663 registered voters in this district, where Barack Obama won at least 75 percent in the last two presidential elections.

Maggiotto considered voting for third-party candidates – her peers were talking up Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson on Facebook – but she just didn't believe Johnson was presidential material.

"There was a lot of pull from my peers because our generation wants to be different," she said. "They want to go outside the box, but I don't know if we really listened to what Johnson believed in or what he really knows."

Maggiotto, who grew up in New York City and attended Colgate University, moved to the district in 2014 to attend medical school.


The Buffalo News is interviewing voters Tuesday in six election districts in Erie County. They include:

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