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In minority neighborhood, a childcare worker picks Clinton

Lashy Lucas, a 44-year-old childcare worker, tends not to vote in off-year elections, yet she can be counted on to go to the polls when the candidates for president are on the ballot every four years.

Lucas said she voted enthusiastically in 2008 and 2012 for Barack Obama, the first African American elected president. On Tuesday, she cast her ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who also needs a large turnout by black voters to win in Erie County and across America.

"Being a black woman, I don't see no other choice but to vote for her," Lucas said, after emerging from True Bethel Baptist Church at 907 E. Ferry St., the polling site for voters in Masten 32, the election district in Erie County with the highest concentration of African American voters. As of 3:30 p.m., 307 people had voted in that election district.

Voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was not even a consideration for Lucas.

"I think anybody would be better than him," she said.

Lucas, who always votes Democratic, said she is hopeful that Clinton will be a champion working class people like her.

"Yes, we need somebody to bring up the concerns of the working people and the lower class working people, and help us out," Lucas said.

She is the mother of two adult sons, one whom is currently enrolled in college.

"Voting is very important to me. I want too show them, by example, so they can do it too," Lucas said. "My one son just called me to say he's at college voting now."


The Buffalo News is interviewing voters Tuesday in six election districts in Erie County. They include:

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