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In Cheektowaga neighborhood, an octogenarian picks Trump

Henry Orens didn't have any doubt in his mind that he would vote for Donald Trump.

Orens, an 82-year-old retired S.M. Flickinger wholesale grocer worker, onetime bowling alley worker and meat market employee is a lifelong Republican living in the Cheektowaga 43 election district, the election district with Erie County's second-highest concentration of older suburban residents. The district heavily supported Democrat Barack Obama in the last two presidential races. Orens and his neighbors stood in long lines to vote at Bellevue Fire Hall on Tuesday.

"I wish I could vote again. I don't like Hillary Clinton because she is a liar, she has deceived people and does not tell the truth," said Orens, a nearly 40-year Cheektowaga resident who was born in Puerto Rico, has four children, six grandchildren and a great-grandchild. "She doesn't ever come through with the promises she makes."

A major turnoff for Orens - who said he has split his vote in the past, and voted for John F. Kennedy for president - was that Clinton represents "the establishment."

"She's with the Washington elite," he said. "We need to get rid of them. They only take care of themselves."

Orens said Trump was not the perfect candidate, but was far better than Clinton.

"I don't like everything about him, but he is trying to change this country," said Orens, who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. "What choice did I have? I like what Trump stands for more than what Clinton stands for. Clinton stands for the status quo. I'm sick of that. This country needs a change."


The Buffalo News is interviewing voters Tuesday in six election districts in Erie County. They include:

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