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8 Laces: What people are talking about after the Bills' Monday Night Football loss to the Seahawks

The Bills played in the national spotlight Monday night but lost to the Seahawks, 31-25. Here's what your friends will be talking about:

The officiating screw-up

People love to talk about the referees, and there was plenty to discuss after Monday night. Fans are probably most upset with the play at the end of the first half.

I wrote about it in-depth here, but the CliffsNotes version is that a Seahawks player probably should've gotten a harsher penalty than he did for hitting Bills kicker Dan Carpenter, and then the refs essentially took a field goal off the board on the ensuing play by failing to properly reset the play clock.

Referee Walt Anderson said after the game it was "probably a mistake on my part."

The Bills' secondary

Another day, another example of the Bills' defensive backs being far from elite. Russell Wilson picked apart the Bills' secondary and would've thrown for more than 282 yards if the Bills didn't take so many penalties.

Jerry Sullivan sees this as a tongue-in-cheek solution for the NFL's television rating problem: "The league should make the Bills a fixture on their night-time schedule," he wrote. "How could anyone complain about boring football if the Bills were a regular nightly feature? Their pass defense is a perfect antidote for dull games."

Rex Ryan said after the game that corner Ronald Darby was ill.

The Bills' playoff chances

"Of all the games left on the Buffalo Bills' schedule, the one they could most afford to lose was Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks," Tim Graham wrote.

The rationale is that the Bills really need wins against AFC teams that can help them with the tiebreaker. At 4-5, they really need as many wins as they can get, but if you had to single out one that was "least" valuable, it would be this one since it doesn't help with tiebreakers.

After head-to-head match ups, the next tiebreaker for wild cards slots with teams from outside of your division is winning percentage against AFC teams.

Jimmy Graham

The Seahawks tight end stole the show in the second quarter, making not one but two (!!) one-handed catches for touchdowns. Respect, sir.

The final drive

For all that happened in the game, the Bills still had a chance to win on the final drive. Tyrod Taylor drove the Bills down to the 7-yard line but couldn't punch it in to the end zone.

"Taylor showed his best – and his worst – on the Bills’ final drive," Bucky Gleason wrote.

Another missed call? 

Richard Sherman decked Walt Powell on the last play, right in front an official.

Why was there no penalty? That answer here.

Robert Woods' big day

Woods finished with 10 catches for 162 yards and the vaunted Seahawks secondary. Both of those numbers were career highs.

Eric Wood

The Bills' center suffered a broken leg during the game and will miss the remainder of the season. It's hard to overstate how much his loss will mean for the offense.

Final word: It's Election Day. Go vote. 🇺🇸

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