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See who's on the Election Day ballot in Erie County

Here's who's on the ballot in Erie County on Election Day. Candidates are listed in the order of their appearance on the ballot. Party abbreviations: D = Democrat; W = Working Families Party; WEP = Women's Equality Party; R = Republican; C = Conservative; G = Green; I = Independence; LBT = Libertarian; REF = Reform;

President/Vice President

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (D, W, WEP)
Donald J. Trump/ Michael R. Pence (R, C)
Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (G)
Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (I, LBT)

United States Senator 

Charles E. Schumer (D, I, W, WEP)
Wendy Long (R, C, REF)
Robin Laverne Wilson (G)
Alex Merced (LBT)

Supreme Court Justice - 8th Judicial District (Vote two)

Lynn Wessel Keane (D, I)
Grace M. Hanlon (D, I, W)
Mary L. Slisz (R, C)
Daniel J. Furlong (R, C)
Kenneth D. Schaeffer (W)

Representative in Congress - 26th District

Brian Higgins (D, W, WEP)
Shelly Schratz (R, C)

Representative in Congress - 27th District

Diana K. Kastenbaum (D)
Chris Collins (R, C, I, REF)

State Senator - 59th District

Tom Casey (D)
Patrick M. Gallivan (R, C, I, REF)

State Senator - 60th District 

Amber A. Small (D, W, WEP)
Christopher L. Jacobs (R, C, I, REF)
James V. DePasquale (G)

State Senator - 61st District

Thomas A. Loughran (D, W, WEP)
Michael H. Ranzenhofer (R, C, I, REF)
Ruben Cartagena Jr. (G)

State Senator - 63rd District

Timothy M. Kennedy (D, I, W, WEP)

State Assembly - 140th District

Robin Schimminger (D, C, I)
Danielle M. Rotolo (R, REF)
Anthony Baney (G)

State Assembly - 141st District

Crystal D. Peoples (D, W)
Ross M. Kostecky (R)

State Assembly - 142nd District

Michael P. Kearns (D, R, C, I)

State Assembly - 143rd District 

Monica P. Wallace (D, W, WEP)
Russell W. Sugg (R, C, I, REF)

State Assembly - 144th District

Michael J. Norris (R, I)

State Assembly - 145th District

John D. Ceretto (D, W)
Angelo J. Morinello (R, C, I, REF)

State Assembly - 146th District 

Steven G. Meyer (D, G, W, WEP)
Raymond W. Walter (R, C, I, REF)

State Assembly - 147th District 

David J. DiPietro (R, C, I, REF)

State Assembly - 149th District 

Sean M. Ryan (D, I, W, WEP)

District Attorney 

John J. Flynn (D, W, WEP)
Joe Treanor (R, C, I, REF)

Buffalo City Court Judge  

Craig D. Hannah (D, R, C, W, I)

Cheektowaga Councilmember 

Alice Magierski (D)
Patrick J. Delaney (R, C, I)
Dennis A. Smith Jr. (W)

Clarence Councilmember 

Timothy A. Tryjankowski (D, W, WEP)
Paul Shear (R, C, I, WEP)

Clarence Town Justice 

Michael B. Powers (D, R, C, I)

Colden Town Justice 

Martin McMahon (D, R, C, W, I)

Collins Town Justice

Walter C. Cain (R, C, I)

Collins Superintendent of Highways

Peter D. Waterman (R, C, I)

Concord Councilmember (To fill vacancy)

William F. Snyder III (R)

Evans Town Justice

Dennis P. Glascott (D, C, W, I)

Newstead Councilmember (To fill vacancy) 

Linda A. Chaffee (D)
Edmund J. Burke Jr. (R, C)

North Collins Councilmember (To fill vacancy) (vote two)

William R. Moritz (R)
Peter D. Robbins (R)

Tonawanda Councilmember (To fill vacancy)

William C. Conrad III (D, C, W)

Wales Town Justice 

Raymond N. Poliseno (R, C, I)

Wales Assessor (To fill vacancy)

Julie G. Barry (R, C)

Orchard Park Referendum - Community Center 

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