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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Aug. 12, 2016.

• Subbera Road, Mary E. Mcconnell; Mary E. Mcconnell-Terranova to Aaron T. Clements, $186,000.
• Willow Creek Lane, Deborah J. Talarico; Robert C. Talarico to Jessica L. Lamarca; Michael E. Lamarca, $185,000.
• 4685 Stacey Drive, Donna M. Guidotti; Donna M. Mcgovern to Angela J. Suchy; James M. Suchy, $310,000.
• 884 Escarpment Drive, Michael P. Capizzi to David A. Balzer; Nicole L. Balzer, $290,000.
• Legacy Dr Carriage Houses At The Legacy Condo Unit #203 Bldg #735, Lmk Realty Associates to Thomas E. Shea, $210,000.
• Seneca St., Pamela Pedley; Pamela Pedley-Deming to Melissa A. Tarnowski; Michael N. Tarnowski, $182,500.
• 682 Northridge Drive, Mark G. Gatley; Eileen M Gatley Revocable Living Trust to Frank Tedesco; Marjorie Tedesco, $174,000.
• Miller Road, Catherine M. Schmidt to Daniel B. Barber, $173,500.
• 310 South First St., First Niagara Bank NA to Teddy L. Ackley Jr., $160,000.
• Brookside Drive, Thomas C. Infantino to Kevin M. Parker, $137,000.
• Ridge Road, Janette M. Dunlap to Richard Ries, $85,000.
• 543 Locust St., Judith Hastings; Richard Hastings to, $149,000.
• 166 Michigan St., Rose M. Pollow; Rose M. Trombley to Fannie Mae, $84,784.
• 53 Pine St., Rita F. Lang; Nancy A. Russo to Thomas E. Fawls; Tina M. Fawls, $79,500.
• Crosby Ave., Kathleen Ann Decesare; William R. Decesare; Teresa L. Sipowicz to Mitchell E. Orlando, $75,950.
• Nicholls St., Richard G. Queeno to Aaron Lepard, $75,000.
• 530 Prospect St., Susan Schlemmer to Keybank National Assoc, $44,008.
• 291 Pine St., Colleen Palmer; Colleen E. Palmer; Mark Palmer; Mark L. Palmer to Bronze Creek Title Trust; Christiana Trust -Tr, $40,201.
• 33 Harvey Ave., HUD to Nancy Trower; Philip Trower, $30,000.
• 6639 Royal Pkwy South, Susan M. Lasker; Raymond Wauhkonen to Arlp Trust 3; Christiana Trust -Tr, $245,258.
• Heather Drive, Kirsch F. Daniel; Mary Kay Kirsch to Jeffrey D. Wilson; Jennifer L. Wilson, $184,000.
• Upper Mountain Road, Peter J. Wagner; Shirley J. Wagner to Cheryl Sivak; Michael Sivak, $130,000.
• Northview Drive, Abigail E. Rosenberg; Kory M. Rosenberg to Danielle L. Ross; Ryan A. Ross, $112,500.
• Colonial Drive, Valerie J. Dlugosz; Walter J. Dlugosz; Walter John Dlugosz to Burg H. Michael, $91,000.
• Locust St., Fred R. Preisch to Ashley Marie Preisch; Brandon M. Preisch, $90,000.
• 11locust St. Road, Peggy Shea-Robichaud to Michael D. Cutter, $68,000.
• Lincoln Ave., John P. Kreutzer; Julie L. Kreutzer to John S. Feliciano, $50,000.
• Rapids Road, Robert R. Latini Jr.; Thelema J. Latini to Kristin Hall, $15,000.
• Charlotteville Road, Allen Gerhardt; Tina L. Gerhardt to Christina L. Mason; John A. Mason, $285,000.
• 7185 Lake Road, Raymond Wood; Raymond D. Wood to Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust; US Bank National Assoc -Tr, $148,644.
• East Ave., Stasia L. Meyers to Jennifer E. Worth, $106,000.
• 436 College Ave., Joseph F. Colburn; Lisa A. Colburn to Anthony Ponzi; Kimberly Ponzi, $192,000.
• Mckinley Ave., Richard J. Okeefe to Stuart Bruce Howard, $185,000.
• Dorchester Rd & Madison St., Randon C. Augustino to David A. Perry, $145,900.
• Tuscarora Road, Lillian M. Broda; Mark Broda to Francis Jacobs; Laureen Jacobs, $145,000.
• 4021 Washington Ave., Anthony M. Ponzi; Anthony N. Ponzi; Kimberly M. Ponzi to Mary M. Sorge, $132,000.
• 60th St., Ramita Dhillon; Sukhjinder S. Gill to Dominic J. Geracitano; Sara Masic, $115,000.
• L 31 32 33mr Devaux St., Melissa A. Maillet; Melissa A. Tarnowski; Michael N. Tarnowski to Mary C. Wilson, $97,000.
• 91st St., Nicholas Lebay to Andria N. Janese, $92,000.
• Military Road, Carolyn L. Cadwallader; Dale S. Eichelberger; Elizabeth Eichelberger; Elizabeth S. Eichelberger; Gary L. Eichelberger; Sterling A. Eichelberger; Sterling A And Elizabeth S Eichelberger Revocable Living Trust to James Hedden, $85,000.
• 8316 Laughlin Drive, Flj Corporation to Nicholas C. Archie, $79,500.
• 965 Maple Ave., Barry L. Cupples; Gina M. Pizziconi-Cupples to Qingli Meng; Yonghong Tong, $71,000.
• 56th St., Brandon M. Biro to Hermilo Leon, $68,000.
• 71st St & Edison Ave., Jeffrey Frazier; John P. Mang to Kaitlyn R. Kinan, $66,900.
• 1817 Willow Ave., Ann M. Spencer; Gordon R. Spencer to Shenna T. Robinson, $64,900.
• 2923 Porter Road, Christopher Schueckler to Angelia Grieco, $60,000.
• Whitney Ave., Stephen J. Carter; Thomas Carter to Cindy S. Best, $58,000.
• 2464 Lasalle Ave., Jean Fortino; John Fortino; Jean Marie Jackson to Jason W. Forsay, $54,000.
• Whitney Ave., David M. Bruno; Deanne M. Bruno to Iti Rental Property, $39,900.
• Cayuga Drive, Monika Lang; Kristopher M. Sigeti; Frederick W. Weinrebe to Amandeep Dhother, $35,000.
• 10 Bk I Cleveland Ave., Frank P. Scaletta; Lawrence Scaletta to Catherine Jeffords; Kevin Jeffords, $29,000.
• Mckoon Ave., Erika L. Lenhart to David A. Vitch, $28,000.
• 453 24th St., Robert Michael Zandrowicz to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $23,000.
• 3034 Orleans Ave., Buffalo Enterprises to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $22,500.
• 642 21st St., Leong Hong to Nateman Properties, $20,000.
• 457 12th St., Avalon Enterprises to Jeyaraj Sivasubramaniam, $16,000.
• 421 19th St., 1st Beatific Holdings to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $14,000.
• 189 Ontario Ave., Vincent J. Bresko to Vincent J. Bresko; Aimee J. Harding, $13,000.
• 786 Castlebar Drive, David C. Krieman to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $192,366.
• Castlebar Drive, Joyce R. Jurkiw; Michael Jurkiw; Julie M. Sullivan; Jurkiw Family Trust to Dawn Bailey; Lydia Bailey, $185,000.
• East Robinson St., Dawn E. Becker; Timothy V. Becker to Shannon Dill; Lorne Kostuk, $145,000.
• Harvard Ave., Barbara A. Calkins; Richard Calkins to Clayton D. Stock Jr.; Lindsey M. Stock, $103,000.
• 10th Ave., Anthony J. Ruisi; Tracy M. Ruisi to Scott P. Butkowski, $90,000.
• 6th Ave., Peter P. Badame Jr. to Kristin Ott; Joan Schiener, $90,000.
• Meadow Drive, Sarah E. Newman; Jeanne E. Wilson to Timothy J. Morrissey, $89,900.
• Locust St., Jennifer A. Miller; Brian A. Zeliff; Jennifer A. Zeliff to Justin T. Krajnak; Sheila M. Krajnak, $86,500.
• 73mr Ward Road, Christel A. Lacroix; Jeffrey Lacroix to James B. Galloway, $86,000.
• 18 Monroe St., HUD to Joshua Quant, $25,689.
• Bear Ridge Road, David J. Czyrny; Denise M. Czyrny to Nicholas Malinowski; Shannon Steinmiller, $222,000.
• Bear Ridge Road, Jeremy C. Schreiber to Jacquelyne D. Arcadi, $179,900.
• 7102 Bear Ridge Road, HUD to Angela Wawrzynek; Scott M. Wawrzynek, $95,500.
• 51youngstown-lockport Road, Cyrus Ardalan; Tracy Ardalan to Cheryl Greene; Martin Sheehan, $145,000.
• 2389 Park Ave., Beckett Warren; Kenneth A. Warren to Yeung Tai Po Shan; Tong Sang Yeung, $103,000.
• 8425 Forest Road, Thomas J. Chiappone to Kirsch F. Daniel; Mary Kay Kirsch, $175,000.
• Singer Road, Anthony Marciniak to Jasonn D. Pfentner, $136,000.
• Chestnut Ridge Road, Linda S. Harris; Eric A. Hoefer; Linda S. Hoefer to Daniel J. Cavalieri; Kristina L. Cavalieri, $72,000.
• 2748 Driftwood Drive, Thomas E. Shea to Jane G. Lehman; Paul E. Lehman, $300,000.
• Kelsey Lane, Deborah A. Bentley; Deborah A. Rogalsky; Frank C. Sarratori; Rose Marie Sarratori Irrevocable Trust to Frank J. Rocco; Christa L. Schultz, $270,000.
• 6116 Shawnee Road, Caliber Real Estate Services Master Participation Trust US Bank Trust NA to Jill M. Behrns, $87,000.
• 7173 Ward Road, John W. Kelly; Tammy L. Kelly to Sean Dewitt; Amber Internicola, $79,000.
• 7029 Nash Road, HUD to Alex Nezgovorov, $65,100.
• 7174 Ward Road, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust /att; Nationstar Mortgage US Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Brian C. Boeck; Frank Boeck, $37,400.
• Knottingwood Drive, Willow Development to G T Custom Built Homes, $20,000.
• Ide Road, Charles P. Mccausland; Lisa M. Mccausland to Raymond Jaques; Tammy L. Jaques, $130,000.
• Palmer Road, Clementine Stamborski; Jacqueline Zipp to Cory J. Hayes, $19,000.

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