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City Hallways (Nov. 2) Ten years later, Cariol Horne still wants her pension

Still  fighting
Cariol Horne was marching with supporters in front of City Hall Tuesday still trying to get a police pension. Horne, a one-time Buffalo cop, was fired from the police department  in 2008 with 19 years on the job -  one year short  of getting her pension - because of an incident that occurred 10 years ago Tuesday.

Cariol Horne talks with one of her lawyers in 2007. (Buffalo News photo/Derek Gee)

Cariol Horne talks with one of her lawyers, Kenneth Nixon, during a disciplinary hearing in 2007. (Buffalo News photo/Derek Gee)

Among her supporters at Tuesday's march was Neal  Mack,  the man that Horne has said was being choked by a fellow officer when she intervened on Nov. 1, 2006.

"She did the right thing and got  punished," Mack said.

Horne was brought up on  charges by the police department, including obstruction for allegedly jumping on the arresting officer's back. She was  found guilty by an  abitrator, and fired in 2008.  Horne has repeatedly claimed  she did the right thing. But she exhausted her legal options without getting  the ruling against her overturned.

No justice,  no Pledge of Allegiance


Councilman Wingo during Pledge of Allegiance at Tuesday's Council meeting

Councilman Wingo continued his silent protest against police shootings of African Americans by again raising his fist  in the air while his colleagues placed their hands on their hearts during the Pledge of Allegiance at Tuesday's Council meeting. One of Wingo's staff members joined him in the the protest, with his fist also in the air.


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