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The Bills are 'mediocre' at halfway point, players say

The Buffalo Bills are 4-4 through the first half of their season.

You could argue that none of their wins – against Jacoby Brissett, Case Keenum, Colin Kaepernick and sub-.500 Cardinals team – aren't as good as they once seemed.

You could also argue that their losses – by six points to the Ravens and Jets, three points to Miami and then one big one against Tom freakin' Brady – aren't as bad as them seemed.

The conclusion could be that the Bills are what their record says they are – a middling team on the outside looking in that's trying to get healthy and find its way. Linebacker Preston Brown and safety Corey Graham each said as much, calling the team "mediocre."

"Right now, we're exactly where we are: a mediocre team," Graham said. "We've got to be a lot better. Especially defensive-wise, we've got to make a lot more plays. We have to play better. Right now, we just have to fix it. ... A lot of those big plays and big passes that you saw, pretty much all but probably one of them were communication errors."

"We're mediocre," Brown added. "That's as mediocre as you can be. We're 2-2 in both of the first halves (of the season). That's not what you want to do. We know we can only drop about two more games if you want to try and get into the playoffs. We have to go out there and find ways to win. We have to start over. Monday Night game – it's a bigger stage. Guys get the opportunity to show the league that we're not the team we showed the last two weeks."

The Bills are officially back to the "In The Hunt" portion of the standings. Rex Ryan said during the week that they're basically playing for a wild card spot and doubled down after the Patriots improved to 7-1.

"I would think that's what you're (playing for)," he said. "That team's three games up on us and I think at the halfway point they've lost one game. And No. 12 is back, so yeah, I don't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong."

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