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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Aug. 5, 2016.

• 36thrall Road, Brenda S. Beutel to James A. Balogh Jr.; Sarah B. Balogh, $160,000.
• Upper Mountain Road, August Gambino; Daniel D. Gambino to Doreen A. Daniels, $60,000.
• Ridge Rd & Cambria Road, David Erway Sr. to Ann M. Rohring; Rodney D. Rohring, $50,000.
• Saunders Settlement Road, Dennis Scovazzo to Vadim Tsygyrlash, $45,000.
• Upper Mountain Road, Niagaras Choice Fcu to Jason D. Drury, $18,000.
• Meadowbrook Drive, Branko Crvelin; Milena Crvelin to Erin Lunshof; Karl M. Lunshof, $265,000.
• Raymond Drive, James Mandell; Lorrie Mandell to Joel Erway; Maryjo Erway, $263,000.
• Onondaga St., Anni Czewicz to Timothy Okeefe, $145,000.
• James Drive, Kim L. Wilson to Paige A. Clark, $143,170.
• Saunders Settlement Road, Laurie L. Draper; Darlene C. Giannini; Sally A. Kelley; Bertrum F. Wendt; Laurie L. Wendt; Norine M. Wendt to Terry Allen Treichler, $109,000.
• Lewiston-youngstown Road, Michael J. Tubinis to Sierra R. Tubinis; Stanley J. Tubinis, $55,000.
• Berkley Drive, George A. Waskosky; Monica Waskosky to Dan L. Wilson; Marybeth S. Wilson, $180,000.
• 12high St., Teddy L. Ackley Jr. to L T D Homes & Properties, $175,000.
• 335 Elmwood Ave., Heather L. Campbell to Jennifer C. Meyers, $150,000.
• Continental Drive, Luigi Rosati; Regina A. Rosati to Linda Lan Campbell; Belinda Ragland, $148,000.
• Outwater Drive, Diane R. Phelps; Norman H. Phelps Jr. to Jennifer A. Hollenbaugh; Joshua P. Wilson, $99,900.
• 9 Georgia Ave., Kc Erie Niagara Properties to Ashley Jones, $95,000.
• 56 Bacon St., Fannie Mae to David Boody, $44,000.
• 93 Spaulding St., Douglas R. Petty; Patricia A. Petty to Arcane Properties, $23,000.
• Transit Road, Kevin Mccabe to 5880 S Transit, $300,000.
• Amanda Ln & Kimberly Drive, Martin R. Enders; Mary E. Enders to Travis J. Kuder, $239,000.
• Crestfield Lane, Kelly A. Holes-Lewis to Alisa Herbst-Wittlinger; Stephen P. Wittlinger, $229,900.
• Tonawanda Creek Road, Timothy Paul Freundschuh to Deni Lobrutto, $145,000.
• Congressional Drive, Deargate Homes Limited to Anna Snyder; Frederick Snyder, $36,000.
• Upper Mountain Road, James P. Covell to Joshua F. Prezioso, $12,000.
• Mechanics St. & Terry St., Bryan Boyle; Tenesia Boyle to Brandon L. Meakin, $76,000.
• Church St., Todd A. Braman to Joseph M. Zeliff, $42,000.
• Brown Road, Janet L. Feeley; Patrick B. Feeley to Emily A. Smith; James B. Smith, $141,000.
• Dale Rd & Brown Road, Amber M. Musall; Benjamin D. Musall to Catherine M. Dixon, $122,000.
• Dale Road, David C. Douglas; Shirley J. Gasper to Beverley A. Fonzi, $115,000.
• 2786 Maple Ave., Jennifer L. Seib; Michael Seib; Michael J. Seib to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $109,356.
• Crestview Drive, Lisa Marie Burmaz; Linda Augustino Rafferty; Timothy Rafferty to James Yates; Sparkle Yates, $155,000.
• 84th St., Mary A. Demunda; Thomas Demunda to Josie Marie Demunda, $125,000.
• 91st St., Patricia A. James; Richard C. James to Jenelle R. Guarnieri, $106,500.
• 309 78th St., Keith W. Reynolds to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust; US Bank National Assoc -Tr, $104,335.
• 3rd St & Buffalo Ave Parkway Condo Unit #802, Michelle A. Rotella to Michael Dangelo; Salvatore J. Dangelo, $100,000.
• Homestead Ave., Valerie Jean Robinson; David J. Taylor; John Taylor; Phyllis M. Taylor to Elwood J. Conway; Jeanette M. Conway, $80,450.
• 61st St., Igor Dyuzhev; Maksim Kraminsky to Aricca L. Baker, $72,000.
• 4971 Tuscarora Road, Linda J. Owens to Leonid Golyadkin, $54,000.
• 8732 Pershing Ave., Diane R. Novak; Mark D. Novak to Empire Credit & Capital Corp, $47,000.
• 420 75th St., Wells Fargo Bank NA -Att; Wells Fargo Financial Credit Serv NY to Matthew Fortunate; Venessa Hewitt, $46,200.
• 28th St., Stanley F. Surman to Angel Delacruz, $38,160.
• 3912 Bell St., Fannie Mae to David A. Klein; Mary P. Klein, $33,000.
• Ontario Ave., Patrick J. Lum to Urban Ira Michael; Equity Trust Co -Cust, $30,000.
• 48 50 Bk G Lindbergh Ave., Sharon F. Beahen; Timothy J. Beahen to Dylan Phillips, $30,000.
• Main St & Elmwood Ave., Urvashi Trivedi to Ye Wang, $27,000.
• Bk C Ferry Ave., Carmel Conny; Frank C. Conny to N F Homes, $27,000.
• 1420 Byrd Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hammam Rifai, $22,000.
• Ontario Ave., Kenneth R. Lum; Patrick J. Lum to Urban Ira Michael; Equity Trust Co -Cust, $20,000.
• 29th St., Dart to Canazzi Ira Keith; Equity Trust Co -Cust, $18,000.
• 1617 22nd St., State of New York Mortgage Agency to E & R Horizons, $15,000.
• 88th St., Richard Susfolk; Richard Susfolk Sr. to Linda Sisco, $10,000.
• 403 9th St., Darlene Swierski to Frank J. Mangione, $10,000.
• Lexington Ave., Ernest Szyper; Paula L. Szyper to John Clarke; Sarah Clarke, $193,000.
• Woodbury Road, Jennifer N. Schlabach; Jennifer N. Smith to Frank P. Cenczyk; Janet M. Cenczyk, $185,000.
• Goundry St., Cynthia L. Hojnowski; Paul T. Hojnowski; Cynthia L. Powel to Christine G. Call; Christian M. Duquin, $137,800.
• Nash Road, Kevin Petronio to Joshua H. Fye; Diana R. Schmidt, $135,000.
• Duane Drive, Kristin E. Lucas; Leo A. Lucas to Colleen Greiner, $125,000.
• Leah Drive, John C. Curtin; Marie E. Curtin to Dylan Rumbold; Rachel Ziarnowski, $112,000.
• Taber Place, James H. Siegmann; Jon Alan Siegmann to Jason J. Painter; Kristin B. Painter, $100,000.
• 37 Rumbold Ave., Srmof II 2012-1 Trust; US Bank Trust National Assoc -Tr to Brent Bernosky, $56,000.
• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Joyce R. Jurkiw; Michael Jurkiw, $447,881.
• Cloverleaf Lane, Ryan Homes of New York to Shawn Reynolds, $380,490.
• Aiken Road, Uno D. Aavik to Cheryl A. Schmidt; Craig B. Schmidt, $35,000.
• 6270 Aiken Road, James L. Bilotta to Michael Wasik; Tara Wasik, $5,800.
• 2mr Northfield Drive, Bernadette Brennen to Kevin Oshea; Rhonda Oshea, $120,000.
• Youngstown-lockport Road, Jan T. Howard; Margaret Tower; Margaret T. Tower to Lynne M. Palermini, $75,000.
• Freeman Road, James M. Vandegriff; Janet L. Vandegriff to Bryan W. Boyle; Tenesia L. Boyle, $257,731.
• Chestnut Ridge Road, Donald Weinholtz; Margaret Weinholtz to Troy Mclean, $195,000.
• Kayner Road, James Gizzarelli Jr.; Lorraine M. Gizzarelli to Timkey Michael J M, $151,000.
• Rochester Road, Amy J. Kling; Thomas A. Kling to Shannon L. Malcomb; Brian D. Rupple, $106,000.
• Chestnut Ridge Rd & Royalton Center Road, Royalton Holdings to All Metal Works, $85,000.
• Coleman Road, Geraldine M. Gambel; Mary E. Scheib; Geraldine M Gambel Trust to Shane D. Chae; Tamara E. Pessah, $93,000.
• Quaker Road, Rodney Stroyan; Rose M. Stroyan to Randy Deemer, $60,000.
• 2932 Brent Drive, Carl W. Walck; Laurie A. Walck to Amanda M. Arnold; Daniel R. Arnold, $246,000.
• 6962 Walmore Road, Carmelo Cruz; Jennifer Cruz to Skip J. Brandon, $158,000.
• Sy Rd & Niagara Falls Boulevard, Ednor Properties to Michael R. Hoffman, $79,900.
• 3520 West Lake Road, Paul J. Ozimek to US Bank Trust NA -Tr; Volt Asset Holdings Trust, $172,114.
• Young St., Lawrence P. Bryer to Mary A. Harris, $130,851.
• Shadigee Road, Cecelia A. Fitzsimmons; John R. Fitzsimmons to Nicholas J. Moley, $130,000.
• 2329 Washington Ave., Kenneth R. Myers to Alyssa D. Poniwas, $102,500.

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