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Stephon Gilmore says they just gave Brady everything

Boy, Stephon Gilmore isn't exactly owning up to his mistakes.

Maybe he's having trouble handling the fact that he had another performance that won't help him get paid as one of the top cornerbacks in free agency. Gilmore was called for holding twice in Sunday's 41-25 loss to the Patriots and got burned twice on third downs by Chris Hogan. Apparently, Gilmore failed to get the call on the play when Hogan caught a 53-yard TD bomb.

But his comments afterward were weak, to say the least.

The transcript of Gilmore's brief exchange with the media in the locker room:

Q: They just kept seeming to convert on third downs. What happened?
A: Penalties gave them everything,  just gave them everything, really.

Q: What happened on that touchdown to Hogan?
A: Busted coverage.

Q: Do you have any idea how that happened that you guys gave them everything?
A: It happened.

Q: What do you mean you gave them everything. What are you thinking in particular?
A: They didn't ever beat us one-on-one, really. We just gave them everything. He seen it, easy throws, just gave them everything."

Q: How frustrating is it to have a game like that?
A: It's frustrating.

Wow. I suppose Tom Brady is going to the Hall of Fame because of penalties and things "just happening." I'm not sure how much the Bills gave to Brady, but I know one thing. I wouldn't give this guy a massive contract extension.

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