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Vic Carucci's Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)

1. New England Patriots. Tom Brady is 39 … going on 25. (2)

2. Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott can take some Offensive Rookie of the Year votes from Carson Wentz. (3)

3. Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz can take some Offensive Rookie of the Year votes from Dak Prescott. (6)

4. Minnesota Vikings. Something isn’t quite right when you have to deny that you mauled stuffed animals for motivation. (1)

5. Seattle Seahawks. Can’t get no satisfaction from a tie. (4)

6. Arizona Cardinals. Can’t get no satisfaction from a tie, either. (9)

7. Green Bay Packers. You know Aaron Rodgers totally called Brett Favre “grandpa” every chance he could. (8)

8. Denver Broncos. They can’t lose to the Chargers twice in three games and be taken seriously as a repeat Super Bowl team. (11)

9. Oakland Raiders. So far, the Raiders know how to handle life on the road. (12)

10. Atlanta Falcons. Even without help from the officials, Julio Jones is headed for a career season. (5)

11. Buffalo Bills. Will being beat up lead to a beat-down from the Patriots? (7)

12. New York Giants. Defensive overhaul could prove to be particularly helpful through the second half of the season. (14)

13. Kansas City Chiefs. As long as Alex Smith’s offensive line continues to keep him upright, the Chiefs will keep thriving. (15)

14. Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger can’t get back soon enough. (13)

15. Washington Redskins. The defenders insist they’re on the same page as the defensive coordinator. Stay tuned. (10)

16. Cincinnati Bengals. An average defense has kept this team looking, well, average. (19)

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still trying to find that elusive home-field advantage. (20)

18. Detroit Lions. Imagine how good Matthew Stafford’s numbers would be if his receivers hung onto more of his passes. (22)

19. San Diego Chargers. Joey Bosa is proving that training camp is overrated. (23)

20. Miami Dolphins. Jay Ajayi is still picking out pieces of Bills jerseys from his cleats. (24)

21. Houston Texans. Brock Osweiler is simply a bad quarterback. (16)

22. Carolina Panthers. Maybe some time off can help this struggling bunch. (21)

23. New Orleans Saints. This week, they get to see what a real defense looks like. (17)

24. Baltimore Ravens. Lack of O-line continuity at the root of the Ravens’ problems. (18)

25. Tennessee Titans. Yes, it was a win, but the Jaguars never showed up. (25)

26. Indianapolis Colts. Penalties keep piling up at a franchise-record pace. (30)

27. Los Angeles Rams. Nope, Jared Goff’s apparently still not ready. (27)

28. New York Jets. Fitz figured he had nothing to lose by giving the back of his hand to the bosses. (28)

29. San Francisco 49ers. Fans want GM Trent Baalke to be gone. (29)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars. Seriously, how much longer can they stick with Gus Bradley? (26)

31. Chicago Bears. Maybe Jay Cutler’s return will generate a spark. (31)

32. Cleveland Browns. We’ll say it again: At least there are the Indians. (32)

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