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Letter: Trump is wrong to label community as ‘disaster’

Trump is wrong to label community as ‘disaster’

Donald Trump has referred to the African-American community as a “disaster.” He has said vote for me; you don’t have anything to lose. I take issue with the belief that our communities are a disaster. We do have major problems. The murder rate of black males is unacceptable. Our education system needs to be drastically improved. We need better housing and better job opportunities. The issues of drugs and crimes are a reality. However, the entire African-American community is not a disaster. If Trump came into our community and talked to the average citizen, he would find people who want for their families the same that all decent people want. They want a good future for their children and grandchildren.

The African-American community is diverse. We do not all think alike. Our community consists of various beliefs and ideas on how to improve our condition. There are many positive groups that work hard each day to improve things in our community. There are anti-violence groups, parent groups working for better education, church groups that have all sorts of programs to help people. They feed the hungry, distribute free clothing and mentor our youth.

I believe strongly that as African-Americans we will overcome the struggles that we face today. We have too many good people not to do it. We came through the most violent time of our history – the enslavement of millions of African people. We learned how to read even though we were threatened with death. We fought Jim Crow and the Klan. We faced discrimination and segregated schools. I believe that we will come through this period in our history. No, we are not all a “disaster.” We are a strong people who will survive because many good people are working hard to make it happen.

Eva M. Doyle

Criterion Columnist


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