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Letter: It’s time to drain swamp and vote for real change

It’s time to drain swamp and vote for real change

I guess you can say it’s crunch time for the election. Who do you believe would be better for the country? Evaluate their policies and issues. Hillary Clinton wants the same as the last eight years. Donald Trump wants change.

Our current leaders have divided our country. Obama is the worst president in my lifetime. The corruption in government is at its highest. Polls show 70 percent of the people say we are going in the wrong direction.

Here’s my opinion of both candidates. Clinton: liar; deleted emails; Benghazi; Clinton Foundation; Obamacare; $1.5 billion ransom to Iran; “I don’t recall;” WikiLeaks and many more that the biased media don’t report. She has no verifiable achievements in 30 years as a politician, unless you want to count the $250 million the Clinton Foundation received.

Trump’s negatives: paid no income taxes; foul language; unsubstantiated behavior toward women 10 to 30 years ago. Trump’s pros: tells it like it is; not a politician; uses his own money, beholden to no one; built a $10 billion business; calls radical Islam terrorists; wants national security; support of Border Patrol, police agencies and military; trade; jobs; America first; supports Second Amendment; and wants to end Obama’s executive orders and policies.

So on Nov. 8, you choose – change or same as the last eight years.

Richard A. Montesanti

Retired Chief of Detectives

Niagara County Sheriff’s Department


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