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Letter: Democrats destroyed faith in government

Democrats destroyed faith in government

The hysterical reaction to Donald Trump’s assertion that the election may be “rigged” is in stark contrast to the lack of interest in Hillary Clinton’s bizarre claim that Russia is trying to rig it for Trump. Russia has had pretty much its own way with the Obama administration for eight years, so why change horses now?

The WikiLeaks emails are today’s Pentagon Papers, obtained illegally but exposing Democratic administration lies to the public. This time, however, the mainstream media give scant coverage to the identical sort of evidence.

Trump has some reason for concern, given the track record of the Democratic Party.

Only this summer, emails revealed that the Democratic National Committee elite essentially conspired to devour their own by ensuring that Bernie Sanders and his “naïve basement dwellers” would not win their party’s nomination.

Prior to the last election, the IRS began targeting conservative groups for “special scrutiny.” Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes. The administration lied about Benghazi, and CNN’s Candy Crowley did her part in a crucial debate. In the ensuing election, if 430,000 votes (0.3 percent of the 129 million cast) had swung the other way in just four states, Romney would have won.

Now comes Robert Creamer, frequent White House visitor and husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, on camera describing tactics used to disrupt Trump rallies, presumably from his 2007 handbook written while in prison for bank fraud.

If Trump is destroying America’s faith in government, he is eight years late. The Democrats have been there, done that.

Malcolm Vanderburgh


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