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Letter: America must do more to care for brave veterans

America must do more to care for brave veterans

I must admit that I’m a shameless fan of the military. That’s to be expected as I cut my teeth on military parades and Air Force fly pasts, air raid sirens and blackouts. My father retired as a brigadier general in the Indian army and my uncle, also a brigadier general, was killed in a war between India and Pakistan.

No one is owed a greater debt than our veterans and we enjoy our lives in safety and comfort because of them. Yet as a group, they have been marginalized for decades. While the Vietnam vets were treated like the enemy, the vets of today are denied basic medical and psychological help. Suicide rates are astronomically high and many die while waiting for medical care.

As a nation we spend billions on Medicaid, billions on our pets, billions on military aid to other countries, yet we can’t look after our own vets. As a nation, we should be ashamed.

This Veterans Day, please take a moment to think about these brave men and women and if you see people in uniform, shake their hand and thank them.

Quoting Winston Churchill: “Never in the face of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Seema Maheshwari


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